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Welcome to The BAT Cave at! This is the personal web presence of me, Brent Allen Thale. This site is about my personal interests, which include bats, photography, computer games, physical fitness, science fiction and fantasy stories, the stock market, renaissance festivals, and the theory and practice of taking startup companies public!

I currently live in Lafayette, California making games for KIXEYE. In the past I've worked for Zynga, Electronic Arts and lived in the Houston, Texas area working for TimeGate Studios, and Austin, Texas, programming for Origin Systems also doing computer games. Titles I've contributed to include Wing Commander, Ultima, Kohan 1 & 2, the Axis & Allies RTS, The Godfather, The Simpsons Game, Godfather 2, Dante's Inferno, Dead Space 2, and most recently, Star Wars: The Old Republic!

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Here is a photo of me, taken while experimenting with some new lighting equipment I bought for my camera in the interest of taking better portraits and studio-type shots:

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My Bartok: June 23, 1998-Jan. 7, 2013.