Click on any link below to see my Action Photos from the year 2015:


A China Tiger Christmas! Queen of the Jungle! The Batty-est fan! A new bike! A furry flashback! Batman stamps! Crow! Exterior plumbing! Piroshky, Piroshky! Botany Bay! Mediterranean! Narada Falls! Washington Cutie! GAS NOPE and PLGNFLY! A non-rolling stone! Wine and conversation! A blue peacock! Sutro Tower! A watery ladder! Patrolling Alcatraz! PAX South incoming! Temptation! The North Shore! Flower and trees! Edisto! Fished wine! Virgin America! An awfully young pilot! The Oasis Diver! A Texas IMAX! The Alamo Door!


Got chips! La Mansion del Rio! Oasis dogs! Ready for lift-off! Mass Effect A bat hat! We found Jesus! Oasis, Japan! A girl and her horse! Texas Trog! Who is Atlas? The flag over Austin! Ducks! A Texas bench! Neon Strike VI Day of the Dead! Red glass flowers! Fremont Bridge! Mercury's babes! MoMA 2.0! Crossed cactus! Rug diving! Dino attack! Cowabunga! Feed me, Seymour! Surf hunting! Caveman in the sky! A zombie garden gnome!


A woolly mammoth! A chick with shears! GDC! Wetsuit surfing! A stone owl! A sitting seagull! A yellow cow! A Pandaren Brewmaster! Run, Forrest, Run! Apple Watch day! Unnecessary closeup! A natural bridge! Don't tread on me! Hibiscus! Goose Bumps! Three girls, one wave! Crossroads of the Pacific! The point of surrender! Heliconia Caribaea! Walking on Waikiki! Waterfall photo op! Tiki cups! A Sharpie tattoo! Hawaiian Royal Seal! Aria! Sialia mexicana! Atomic testing! The last patch of snow! Spider Lady! That's life! Las Vegas in the morning!


Kisses! A giant chandelier! The Aria Express! The road up the mountain! She's the star! Hanging at the Grand Canyon! The Mandarin Oriental! Electra in the mountains! A wooded canyon! Time not important, only life important! Affirmation! Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas! A golden lion! Popeye! A flowery turtle! The Paris balloon! Don't jump! This is how we Vegas! The Barstow Charger! Purple flowers! No IFs, ANDs, or... Making snowballs! A duck family! Ku Noodle! Red rocks! Gene Simmons Junior! 2000 million years ago! An owl totem! Scoop the poop! A wetter year!


Almost done! Columbus at Coit Tower! A busy day on the bay! Two Towers! TARDIS? California Spirit! 1915! Fish 'n' ships! Diving! Sailing! Cherries! Walking home! Gleaming the cube! Cruisin'! The birdbird of Alcatraz! Sk8r Boi! The fox says... she likes peanuts! Takeoff! Profoto B2! Dark Passage! A munching deer! Muzzle licking good! A Steller's Jay! Prowling the stove! Peanut air! Yuck! Crow! A brown lizard! Seagulls! The path of nature! A yellow flower!


Mama and baby turkey! Old Beakless! The last days of Sinbad's! Purple flowers! Searching for peanuts! An electric caterpillar! Snail Zen! CGC 722! A rental Bengal! Clowning around! A wall of whiskey! Crazy safe biking! Giant pine cones! Triple Bengal! An iron horse! The Monkey Bar! Windsurfers! Look, Ma, no dirt! Yellow and white flowers! A buggy banana! Goodbye, cruel world! A scraggly tree! Mother and baby striped antelope! A garden toad! An elephant ear flower! A marching bird! A baby gazelle! Snorkeling! Ocean safety! Bad decisions!


No fun in the sun! Playful and aloof! On the fridge! A rusty brontosaurus! Chair stalking! Potter's wheels! A zonked Bengal! A feeding frenzy! Perched! Comin' atcha baby! Say Hello! Fly on flower! How did that happen? Bengal face! Conan! Ice Bat! Seventies Wonder Woman! Cinderella! A lizard footman! DareDevil cosplay! Trailer Park Asgard! Corben and Leeloo! Gamora cosplay! Tinker Bell cosplay! Star-Lord! Dreamy Bastet! Bomber Jacket Harley! Really Right Stuff! Lucille's Flying Pig! Cersei! Steve Rogers!


Nala! Odyssia! The Great Fairy! A packed charger! Riding horseback! A sleepy Bengal! Frankenstein and bride! Daenerys! The Knights Who Say Ni! Maverick! Firecracker Jinx! Jailbirds! TARS! Freak Show Harley! Destiny! Chewie's Angels! At the reservoir! In the window! Bro's on the water! Golden State, Golden Lawn! The Gaslamp Quarter! Green-eyed bat sculpture! Sailor Moon fashion! Hot Mama! Pollination! Golden Bay Fence! Old Glory! Motorola! A ceramic unicorn! Commerce on stilts! SLS!


A creepy mannequin! A fallen giant! Squid food! I double dog dare ya! Like no place else! Building boom! Cancer can bite my shiny metal ass! 5188! A helpful big sister! Tired! 9/11 Zombie approved! Andraste! Interesting clouds! ! Magic: The Gathering! The Tinker! The Frankenberries! Cosplay Collie! Emperor Bless! Black Panther! Working the parade! KISS! The Guild!! A silver angel! Pelicans! A memorial flower! A giant meal! Maverick! Lawyer up!


From old to new! Blue wedding flowers! Bunny! Grand Princess! Ferry commuters! King of the Reservoir! Blood clouds! Kayaking! Blue Angel flyby! The Blue Angels! Eye on the ball! Full extension! Kick it now! Leading the ball! Number 1! Guarding the fog! Fat Albert! Patriots! The Potomac! Purple flowers! Old Alcatraz! RocketBoat! Widowmaker! An Angel! Uhura! Beast! Dhalsim! Doom! Darth Bane! Feed me, Seymour! Help me, Obi Wan!


Wolverine! Tank Girl! A grammar school teacher! Nova Prime! Young Indiana Jones! Green Goblin! Bombshell Wonder Woman! Mad Max! A dynamite goat! 7EUE! 1 Rocket Road! Repent! Beat Down Boogie! A supercharger obelisk! Free Hug!  Hemet Nesingwary! Thrall! 60! A Haunted Hound! Flags! A DisneyLand Christmas tree! Prevent Forest Fires! Messed up priorities! Paradise Pier! Vanessa van Cleef! A Blood Elf! Marshmallow sweet potatoes! Cranberries and turkey! Oranges! Stuffing!


Defense! Pies! Macaroni and cheese! His master's lights! Bazaar Meat! Maverick the Black-nosed reindog! I am going to kill you with these reindeer horns! A sprig to the sky! Get it off! Bringing Norman home! A Nordmann Fir! A fresh cut! Bengal ears! Decorating! Christmas cookies! Cookie cutters! Under construction! Fresh from the oven! The Force Awakens! Nice Hibiscus! Wrapping presents! Playing in bed! Ovaltine cookies! Bed thief! Lamb chops 'n' onions! The aftermath! Missing! A scraggly Bengal! Norman! Spacy maple! Gaffer tape!

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