Click on any link below to see my Action Photos from the year 2016:


Hawaii's Local Buzz! Fudge squares! Chair stealer! Lounging! Lighting test! A pasta dinner! Eggs and bacon! Brussels sprouts! Maverick! Bamboo! The Interior! Gamboa landmarks! Ships and coconuts! Canal fishing! A Bengal cat on TV! Purple flowers! Wicked Chicken! Flowers! Tart by the numbers!! The finished tart! What? Snoot test! Hands up! Wicked Chicken! Southern fishing! White bird on brown beach! Purple flowers! Waikiki! Ferry people! Privateer! Sea-Doo Sentry!


The new truck! Another angle! Barn Doors! Westeros Baptist Church! September 9, 1850! Charge! Eastern Bakery! Wheel of Misfortune! Don't bust this clock! The crazy lion statue! No vivas de apariencias! A cable car! Observe the time! Soaking up the sun! El Prado! The White House! The Chief Justice! A new neighbor! Bat cereal! The Supreme Court! Our room view! Tomb of the Unknown Soldier! Weeks! Coming home! The United States Capitol!! Trump! Snowpack! The smallest Chick-fil-A! Lionhead!


A monument flag! George Washington! Me and Abe! A golden statue! The Gaylord National! An ornamental lantern! Daphne II! The Washington Monument! Flagged! An orange flower! Towards the Capitol! Merchant Marine! A street urchin! Chicken cacciatore! Double beggars! A golden horse! Lumberyard! Birdly! Oculus! GDC! Break dancing Deadpool! Vampirella! Khan! A Steampunk shaman! Sandpeople! Oogie Boogie! A ragged flower! Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy cosplay! We have cookies! Guardians of the Galaxy!  Damaged Catwoman!


BodyBuilder-8 cosplay! A new office! Woz and Sinestro! Green Lantern Riddler! Maleficent! Jack Skellington! At work! The Gaylord National atrium! Ronnie! Memorial maintenance! An M-16! The United States Capitol! Patrolling Korea! Arlington! A green patina! Challenger VII! A winter profile! Racing to liberty! A stone face! Headstones! 16th Infantry! Reclining in China! JFK! 551st Parachute Infantry! Medal of Honor! Oliver Wendell Holmes! A new lens! f/1.8! Claws and blades!! Menace!


A Twi'lek Sith! Waiting for Godot! Morrigan! Kneel before Zod! Even lighting! Three not-so-Amigos! A postal clock tower! Spoiler Alert! Dagger attack! A Demon Hunter! Iron Glamour! The Lost Vikings! Hellgirl! A purple pirate! Passionepapi! A blue mage! Leafeon! Vampires! Thrall! Purple! Deadpool for President! A Darth Vader high five! Nap time! Inspector Batman! Blade work! On the skids! Dead Presidents! Willie Wonka! Cannon! Unknown soldier! Blue!


Dedicated to Art! Fire support! Jump! Admiral Peary! Crossed memorials! Superman's from Cleveland? Working the pool! Beat Down Boogie! Four creepy heads! The hot tub bar! The wave pool! Lion test! Sonico! A Dragon Age vacation! Elf in the fountain! Blue and white! Ahri! Aradia Robot! Leia poolside! Inuyasha! Yoko Littner! Emma Frost! A secret pony! Rapunzel! Maleficent! Snow White! Batwoman! Prison Break! Rogue! Red!


Paine! Archer! Ariel! Shake it off! Mountain skies! Building a firepit! Hounds at play! A mountain man fridge! A rough road! A steep downgrade! Checking out poodles! On the shore! Some watch, some do! A circle of light! Independence Dog! A little snow still left! Your swan awaits! A mountain stream! The power of pee! Bark softly and... Moo! Resting Hounds! Scouting ahead! Guarding the fire! Don't you eyeball me! Fear and loathing in Pokemon! Inuyasha attacks! Finding Dory! Hogs on the fire! Red, red wine! Redwoods!


Badminton! The visitor center! Shrooms! Peach cobbler! Pitching! Ready for pork! Drone! Navi! Elf family portrait! Tracer! Hiyoko Saionji! Tentacruel! Darth Bikini! Spear attack! Misty Mermaid! Pokemon of the sea! A green dragon! Haruko Haruhara! Nisha! Kill la Kill! A watery watermelon! White armor! A green wizard! Jinx! A big bomb! Roar! A pink staff wizard! An Angel! Borderlands! Pray to the elephant! Ariel!


Jurassic Park! Victoria's Secret! Shepard! A blue gem! A patriotic zombie! A Wonder Woman closeup! PETOP! Atlanta welcomes Dragon Con! A waving bird! A giant escalator! Ladder 8! Mary Mac's! A creepy bear! Duck Vader! Zombie high-five! Couldn't find a babysitter! A Batman photo-op! Xena! Sally! Carts! Robots! Six Flags Guy! The Medical Arts Building! Saruman! Waiting for the parade! Sk8r Boi! Buckyball! Grand Princess! The Curb Exchange! The first glass!


Poopy Gandhi! Sinbad's? Nightblade Irelia! Powerpuff Girls! Prince Namor! A Death Knight! Elf in the sky!! The Blue Angels! Waiting for planes! The first flyover! Coit Tower Angels! Down maneuver! Miss Tammy! The pilots! Spaetzle'n'cheese! Salesforce Tower! A paddlewheel! 1, 2, 3, 4! Two guys on a crane! Mother Marriott! Hellboy! Cowgirl Harley! Handsome Jack! Klingons! Punk X-Men! Alice in Wonderland! Are you my mummy? Wonder Woman! Jessica Rabbit! Predator! Penguins old and new!


Neptune! Harley's prisoner! Happy Lady with Axe! Halloween cookies! Poison! Onward to BlizzCon! Mickey wants in! BlizzCon 2016! The crew! Weird Al! Desert Palms Hotel! Going for it! The Supermoon! Running! Shot on goal! Backing in! Old and new media! Amish Paradise! Expanding! First Prize! Dog MEKA! A murloc! Genji! Basting! Cranberries! Candied yams! Cranberries! Gravy! Biscuits! Turkey meat!


Blizzcon The Blizzcon Store! Brackets! Light-up Chronal Accelerator! Trimming the tree! Truck delivery! The tree! A double top! Blue! Double daggers! A Christmas tree cat! A wreath cat! A Zergling! An Orc! A brown cube! Khadgar! A Crusader! Jinx! A Blizzard witch! A wizard! Mei! Golden wings! Valkyrie Mercy! A dragon! Reinhardt! Santa Mav! Santa's L'il Helper! A dancing elf! Who's the Santa? Christmas is over! A wrapped hound!

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