Click on any link below to see my Action Photos from the year 2017:


Presents! Under the tree! Bobblehead Corehound at Blizzcon! Swimsuit Shippo! Bowser! Black and furry! Poison Ivy! Red armor! A bat roller! Baking bats! Bat cookies! A Diablo Enchantress! Fractured Shippo! Ziggy Stardust! Swordplay of olde! Sprouting! Pear pastries! Kraven! Crown and axe! The White House! The Old Post Office! Party Animal General! Pool parasol! Kitty cat detente! K1 racing! Fist pump! We're in Texas! A lit up tower! Room 1574! Dance Central! Buc-ee's!


A Vamp calendar! SFO! Texas Beer! Redneck mutant attack! Grazing time! A soda star! Look behind you! Low water! Bryan's house! Charging! Registered Texas Longhorns! Silicon Valley! Lemon dill chicken! Giddyup Pickle! The Rotunda! Reach for the light! Clams! A thirsty tree! Pennybacker! Walking on water! On the River Walk! The browns! A native point! Full! Welcome to Las Vegas! Eggslut! Jackpot!


Falling! Lassoed! Batman! Flipper! Donnie and Marie! Viva Las Vegas! Stan Lee! The Tillman Bridge! Hoover Dam! Snowpack! Green! 5202! Veni, Vedi, Vici! Winning! JLo and Britney! Firecrackers! 100X odds! Chinese New Year! The Dolphin Globetrotters! Bird of Paradise! Hera! Yawn! Now hiring! Hoover dog! Bird from the past! John Fogerty! A silver horse!


Construction! Hot Vegas chicks! A silver tiger! A young lion! Still there! A green tea dragon! A giant sunflower! Our turn! Sneaky Little Simians! A golden lion! Golden gods! An art deco lamp! Tobias and Hoover! Strip view! Flag power! They died to make the desert bloom! Hoover Dam side view! Shiny toes! A gryphon! T! The Harmon hole! Tiffany! New Year's carp! A new print! Intensity! PAX South! Kitana! Purple Link! Mother and daughter Loki!


Too many Pokemon! Joker! Silver armor! Genji! Tracer! Nightwing? Roadhog! Asari! Mega Man! Cosplayin' in the rain! A marching crow! Tunnel View! A small snow cap! Mirror meadow! A bridal rainbow! Islands in the stream! A little humid! A granite dome! Falls in the distance! Raging rapids! Spring leaves! Bridalveil spray! Patches of snow! Tree and Falls! Dead tree and rocks! Bridalveil spray! The Tunnel! Star Trek!! Soot Sprites! Brushing up!


Bright Paine! Group shot! Cosplay business card! Anime Gothic! Hoover Dam! Rocky snowpack! USA vs Canada! CLE! Supe'd up Cleveland! Chicago! Me at Colossalcon! White water! Scaring seagulls! Tiki Tiki! Giant claw ride! Mass Effect New Earth! Levi's Stadium! Bikini Morrigan! Leia's Escape! Psyduck! Geodude! Johnny Bravo! Alternate Eros! Lifeguard! Bikini Zelda! Summoning the elephant! Aliens! Salty Hair Don't Care! Princess Kida!


Odin Sphere! Beach Spidey! Zero Suit Samus! Tentacruel! Elvis Stormtrooper! Espeon! Bad Ass Misty! Goldeon! Ariel! Misty! Rim light! Note-taking is hard! Poison Ivy! Casual Stitch! Sailor Jupiter! Purple! Kitty Cat Caster! Nudist Beach! Mad Hatter! At the waterfall! Yellowtail! Hearthstone satyr! A mermaid! Dead Jack! Live Jack! Final Fantasy! Byndo Gehk! You forgot your keys! Latex nurse! Raven! Beach Rey!


Sith! Spidey! Cruella de Vil! Laughing at the beach! Android 18! D. Va! Leafeon! The owls are not what they seem! White Rabbit! Tired best boy! Kalahari! Snouts and trunks! A Stormy kiss! Emma Frost! Rick! Metal Gear! Spider helmet! Nidalee! Soldier 76! Ahri! Daphne's screen test! Psycho! Purple and blue! Doomfist! Widowmaker! Soldier 76! Poor Deadpool! Kylo Ren! Ninjas! Spider couch!


Lara Croft! Overwatch! McCree! Roadhog! 3123! The big escalator! Saberstrip mount! Mary Mac's! Filling up! Bastich fer hire! Almost finished! A Twi'lek Jedi! Poison Ivy! Warrior! Catwoman! Kotal Kahn! Jurassic Pool! Wonder Woman! A butterfly! Rita Repulsa! Koffing! A little crazy Harley! Poison Oak! Prince! Effie Trinket! Death, Delirium and Destiny! Stuffed peppers! Silky White! Kentucky!


At the coop! Bentley! Crow in cypress! Green lemons! Silky melon! Orange flowers! Little Hound! Ganondorf and Midna! Batdog! Little Batdog! Me at Tahoe! Tossing sand! Docking geese! Stinky butts! Triple geese! Purple thistles! Forest fire! The first egg! A pine cone! An iron bear! Mark Twain! Elf girl! Tesla! Vikingsholm! Camping rules! M.S. Dixie II! The Tea House! Mallard! Halloween gingerbread! Decorated! The wolf almost got her!


Sittin' on the dock of the lake! Ladybug! Straight-on goose! Rolling! Superchargers! Bravo Farms! Hilton 11-339! Flower kid! Protesters! Illidan! Strangely twisted! Prohibited! The Mummy! Random dude! Rim light test! Cosplay business card! Valkyrie! Tesla! Sonya! Trolling! Mad Scientist Junkrat! Trolls! Thanksgiving! Turkey! A late turkey! Murky Saves! Turkey soup! Jessica Nigri! Fraser!


Silky eggs! Overwatch! Punk Overwatch! A murloc! Bat Cat! Bentley and Noctiva! Stalking chickens! Kentucky! Saggy Bengal! Chris Hardwick! Diorama! Jim Raynor! Queen of Blades! Chris Hardwick! Cabernet Sauvignon Commodore! Steel horses! The new skyline! Night loading! Blood Elves! Alleria! Rim test! Sniffing a cake! Hydroponic peppers! Decorations! Jalapeno burgers! Trump/Pence! A Sonos! How To Speak Chicken! Maverick! Opening presents! Our 2017 Christmas tree!

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