Click on any link below to see my Action Photos from the year 2018:


Pie! Dab cat! Cards! Tug-of-War! Christmas malt! Police Officer D. Va! Doc Oc! Sno-cone Mae! Batman and Alfred! Seven eggs! The Perfect Cookie! Carnac! Eevee! Forrest Gump! The Shining! Silver armor! Rey! Marty McFly! T-1000! Green hair! Day of the Dead! Star Trek! Diva Plavalaguna! Girl Scout Cookies! Fast food heroes! Crazy Jinx! Chicken Parmigiana! Low wall space! Alexstraza! Overwatch Christmas! Druid?


Fairy Widowmaker! Halloween Sombra! Alexstraza! Junkrat! Butterfly Fairy! Hearthstone Innkeeper! Mexican Lasagna! Tenderloins! Butt-to-butt! Steak dinners! Webby bark! A hemisphere light! Sleepy time! A snowflake chandelier! In the image of Lincoln! A V-2 rocket! Galileo! An ancient dinner! Out of season! Marine One! An Einstein statue! A Presidential Dog! A creepy shark-man!


The Squirrel of Freedom! A golden eagle mirror! The clock tower! The doors of Justice! The buffalo of Justice! Our view! The Capitol! Sir Isaac Newton! Ingredients! The first postmaster! Ronnie and Me! Chicken cacciatore! The Rotunda! The Trump Washington DC! A lucky butt! Barry Goldwater! The Capitol Lady! The Capitol! Capitol Hill! The White House lantern! The Supreme Court Building! The Blue Room Chandelier! A Greek clock! The Trump sign! A Predator drone! The Trump Washington DC! The Pentagon! Wings! Profile! Ponies!


Purple! A golden warrior! Jagged! Live music! Storm! Spiky cats! Steampunk ladies! Do you know de wey? Miss Mayhem! The office nook! Our hallway! Green dragon! Lunafreya! Egyptian! Case! Whitney! Jack Swigert! Ronald Reagan! Valentine's Day! The old Supreme Court! Truman and Clinton! The Washington Monument! A retired eagle! Just buy me pizza! A gold candleabra! Throwing! Aretha! Balancing! Warmups! Dolphins of Justice!


Mileena and Kitana! The headboard! The atrium! The small one! The order! What is past is prologue! Onto the field! That Michael Jordan thing! Pied Splash! Before the game! Titan! The last shot! The north entrance! A bucket of cherries! Ripe for the picking! Winding up! A flag of justice! The Trump International hotel! The Archives! A government squirrel! Cotton candy! Eye on the ball! Winding up! Negotiating the catch! AT+T Park! A changing skyline! The scoreboard! The Bay Bridge! Noon! 60 years! Mozilla!


Tag him! Ready! Chicken in a tree! Stealing home! Green glamour! Boba Fett Disney! White anime! Queen of Hearts! We can do it! An ancient elf! Davy Jones! Kitana! Muppets! Red and green! An archer! Saving the raptors! A pelican! Cannons! Mt. Hope cemetery! An Embera hut! The Panama City skyline! Mimosa pudica! Future bananas! A jungle hill! Red and green! Caymans! Some kind of bird! The big arrow! Purple flowers! Robot 363!


Welcome to the jungle! Resting! A bohio on the edge! APL Arabia! Mule turnabout! Sideways! 1050! Reeling it in! The old bowling alley! The old pizza place! The old grocery store! Fixing the ruins! Billboards! USS Hornet! A patriotic podium! The flight deck! The red phone! Carrier! A dynamite frog! Grim Reapers! A space capsule! A quarantine facility! Shrimp! Me at the Panama sign! Pilot pickup! The Thalean Chemist returns! Mom at Electrical! A bird of paradise! At the Union Church! The Bridge from the Radisson! The Panama Canal Railway!


Pacific Coaster! Here comes our pilot! The Bio Museum! A pelican at the locks! Neo-Panamax! A mule wave! The new Gamboa view! Our Ridge house! 2606? Fake Trump! Goethals! Galaxy Leader! Bring 'em in low! Ships 'n' cranes! Showboat! Pink and yellow! 764 Barnaby! Mangos! El Papi! Reverse hotel view! A wounded butterfly! Turkey buzzards! Roping the Yangze! Peeking in! Panama bamboo! Almost finished! First time at the locks! Tying up! The express lane! Chillin' in the mule! Southern Shark!


Webbed fruit! The Radisson Cat! A busy staircase! Unloading Hyundais! Too much Canal! Panama Marine Adventures! Descending! A stone panther! A purple flower! Opening! Squishy! An old banyan! To the memory! Black and white light! A channel buoy! Uilenspiegel! Gilberto Guardia! Dredging! 25! A sorry state! Across the street! Filipenses 4:13! Contemplating the city! Small boat man! Welcome to the Panama Canal! Queen to the Bridge! White water! V formation! Pilot away! Turbine blades?


A little low! Drying! Chorillo Football Quarter! Hercules 300/Sara! LNG! Ocean Diamond II! Bilge Water! Balboa Elementary School! Spidery white flowers! Random boats! Desperation! Who needs a boat? Thar she blows! Lobster Rolls! What a treat to walk this street! Reds! Martha's lighthouse! Duck ready! Searching for color! Leftists galore! Dewey, Cheetham, and Howe! Casual Jack! Faith! Boston clocks! Fresh bread! Lucky feet! Live free or die! A covered bridge! Tree hugger! The Freedom Trail! Tea party!


Duck! Carnac! A hazy church! George! Everett Hale! A movie shower! Christopher Columbus! A salt shaker! A highway plaque without the highway! The Finch! A street lamp! THE Van de Graaff generator! Excelsior!! Zap! Mr. John Wheeler! A memorial lion! Red berries! Lobster prices! LOBROL! Zhong! Red light! Niece photo shoot! Glamour! Fashion shot! Naughty list! Thanksgiving! Brussels sprouts! Cranberries! The bird is the word! Cranberries!


Sliced! Over the shoulder! The Christmas tree! Under construction! A stone eagle! Empty BART! Jumbo support! Closed until further notice! A bacon-wrapped pork roast! Gingerbread! More gingerbread! Progress! Teatro! Yellow flowers! Donkey Balls! Candy! Food of the ancients! Lasagna! Starting! Outlined! Uh oh! Decorating! Christmas bats! Detail work! Santa! Animal Farm! Maverick loves his Mommy! Not the Toblerone! Hoverboard rescue! Santa's L'il helper! Reforesting America!

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