Click on any link below to see my Action Photos from the year 2019:


What happened to the Turtles? Me and Mav! Taking photos! My stocking! Ornaments A gingerbread cake! A Christmas elf! A bad sign! A tired Christmas hound! Awkward! A wet leaf! A fuzzy red flower! Space Force! Pink flowers! Playing the fool! Young tomatoes! Silky dogs! Edamame? Orange flowers! Purple flowers! A dancing chicken! Purple flowers! White tufts! Purple lettuce! A sea lion seat! Surveyors! Spiky red flowers! Challenger VII! Judging the past! Judging the past!


Harry Potter! Nintendo girls! The Most Stuf! The Queen! Purple horns! Samson! A seal! Toblerone! A golden punch! Nightwing! Happy Birthday! Santa Jack! THe vampire's kiss! An anime closeup! A yellow spike! Feed me, Seymour! Cowbell! Have an apple! Cruella! Nidalee! A golden unicorn! Coco! A yellow backlight! A witch! Koffing! A Night Elf Druid! DeathKnight Jaina! Overwatch!


Queen of the Damned! Pink! Thoughtful! Behind the mask! A blue dragon! Golden claws! Crazy green! Glaceon! Davy Jones! Mac 'n' cheese! Little White Dog! Greek relief! Found it! FDR! Green eggs and hand! Red! Spiky green! Tiny Tina! A smoking parasol! Blue and gold! Yellow highlight! Aria Express! Bliss Dance! SLS! Vegas Knights! The Leghorn Bar! New stuff! The North end! A carousel horse! Resorts World! Eye on the ball!


The trendy spot! A samurai! O! Suckling pig! Kalifano! The sign has a sign! Double Knights! My first drone shot! A happy pig! The Drew? Enigma! Mandalay Bay! Batman! Epic residencies! Everything's for sale! Easter cookies! Decorating! Decorated! Drone master! Mount Diablo! Next to bat! Stealing third! Up on the roof! Aria! Osaka Castle! The Bat Bridge! The best wurst? Free to start! The HAM Hotel! Shiner's Saloon!


Austin drainage! Crane watch! Liberty and Justice! Historic district! Scooters! Drone practice! New birds! The back yard! Mother's Day! Angel heart! Hibiscus! Yellow and gray! A mulch dog! A carousel horse! A basket hound! A red webby plant! A wooden mermaid! Dual hearts! A bucket o' flowers! Purple and white! That's a Moray! A balanced diet!


Haircut time! Alternate take! A barstool! One more angle! Texas trees! Another brick in the wall! Aera! Uncle Sam shakers! Creepy Joe! A wasp nest! Don't hassle the Hof! I heard it through the grapevine! Lantern puppy! Vats and kettles! A big bug! Red flowers! An elegant peacock! Tinker Bell! MAGA! Jimi HENdrix? How do you like them apples? Peppers! Bell peppers! Chipotle!


Purple flowers! Messina Hof! A Mexican Hat! A purple flower! A fisherman! Jimi HENdrix! Eye on the squirrel! Independent crab legs! The prize! Little Red Hen! What do you scream for? Pollen! The Jeremiah O'Brien! Fudge time! A yellow flower! A lemon! A black and white chicken! Dunking! Whitney! The Apple Store! Crab salad! Vermilion! Crabs and lobster! Jonathan! An interesting back yard! A future hot tub! Sittin' on the dock of the bay! Royal Seafoods!


Nose in the air! We're gonna need a bigger boat! Make me a molted! Up periscope! Needs bluebells! One star review! Nathan's Famous! Route 66! Legit Cookie Dough! A cash balance! Jeremiah O'Brien! No fish, no Forbes! Whale Watch! A hitchhiker! A little boat, a little crazy! Ghost piers! A convenient buoy! A rolling stone? Beer 'n' lobsters! Fins in the water! A bat pillar! Enhydra! A wooden whale! Rock-Ola! Safety first! American shrimp! Pro-Twist! Top Golf! Texas! Growin' like a weed!


West Texas! FBG! Fall Ball! Little yellow flowers! Upper Vista! A golden hill! Strike! Dare to Dunk! BOO! All five! Boundary line! Contact! Till the cows come home! Slurping! Puckering peacocks! Pollinating! A metal hound! Make way! Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max! Little yellow flowers! Birdbath! A dragon! Color portrait! Color wide portrait! Pacifico! Purple flowers! A cowboy cross! Margaritas 'n' beer!


Bud Light! Soft rain and baby calf! Knuckle Head! Schweinshaxe! A singing bear! Mac 'n' cheese! Batty Buddha! A leopard carpet! Juggling balls! Treat Yo Self! A torch lady! Armstrong! Quarter pan! Wine hag! The secret campus! Creepy ladies! Purple berries! Strong arms! I love Austin, Tx! A wine turret! Meet your maker!


Oktoberfest! Oktoberfest! A wine cherub! A drunk ant! Bandit pumpkin! Cardinal! Fall at Wildseed! Pollinating! Metal mouse! A green lion! Drilling the Moon! Sealed engines! Running for NASA! Apollo 11! Permanently paired! Zero G! Don't ask! Lunar lander! Lasagna House III! Two for one! The NASA flag! Bread and Butter! Outlined! Hike!


Height advantage! Wrasslin'! Head butts! Thankful!! The Stockyard tree! Cattle drive! Making bats! Running back! Red Steagall! Charging! Niles City Hall! Buffalo Bill! Brown spotted! Apollo XIII! Space longhorns! Mercury 3 patch! Moon buggy! Apollo XVII! Mercury 4! Apollo 14! Mercury 6! Flying the Shuttle! NASA! Plane facts! Sally Ride! A clean scorpion! A bumper bat!

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