Click on any link below to see my Action Photos from the year 2020:


Christmas dogs! Tia a la poule! Jimi HENdrix! Christmas Cat! Buzzed! Christmas sausage! Stable! Jimi HENdrix! Whitney! Aretha! Silky? Christmas breakfast! Playing by the river! A metal door! A wolf knocker! Sugar bears! Cardinal! 1997! Bambi! Six flags! Texas! 2004! 2015! The state of Texas! A green bouquet!


A wolf head! Roadrunners! Ready to play! Steinway and Sons! Bat board! A wolf goblet! Pompeii! A holly egg! Cinnamon bear! Forbidden worms! Nala! What about us? Lazy day! The barn bunch! Cherubs! Cardinal! A New Year Bear! 2001! 2014! A big bathroom! Travisso! A jacuzzi chandelier! A big shower! It'll tickle your innards! A warning stone! Turtles! Snowmen!


Filled! Something! Waiting for music! A batty ornament! Mixing chemicals! Thunder Bird! Area of refuge! Fun at the Trump! Eleanor! Travel sucks! Little people! Column hug! Mist test! A Big Brother! Out of juice! Department of Education! Inscribed doors! Patriotic shirts! Jefferson! MLK! TBS! Kayakers! Keepin' it weird! Phoenix! No engine! Cheers! Garage! Danger! Pond lilies! A picture of water skiing!


Texas Persimmon! Starry flowers! Renaissance Ladies! A lady fencer! Super Dog! LUV2CAP! Bus profile! Waffle Hut! Yellow! Star-Lord! Nebula! A bat girl! A Spice Chick! A stiff space suit! Alan Shepard! Batty and Logan! Immortan Joe! Checkin' their Tweets! Xerxes! Sailor, with parrot! Frodo! Borderlands! Catwoman! A flower warrior! Casting! A girl and her dragon! Cowgirl! Drinking with buzzards! Deer ladies! Oola and Leia!


Ghostbusters! A gray snake! A plastic model! He should be dancin'! Harley Quinn! Green Goblin! An alien egg! A giant Smurf! Nerd Girls! Disco Trooper! Mary Poppins! Let there be light! At the Oasis! Playtesting! The 3D Batman Game! The new crew! Mav! Going for the dunk! Mav! 180! Jimi!! Whitney! D-Day! Nothing left! Alice COOPer! Watching the young'uns! Noctiva! Lemon chicken! A Korean patrol!


Airport wrestling! An old tank! Building castles! Riding the waves! Surfin' USA! Guarding the harbor! Don't tread on me! Geedunk! Anti-aircraft! Hawaiian fruit! Hibiscus! Not quite! Pink! A dead pineapple! Tubular! Along the waves! Flipped! Paddling Atlantis! Hawaii? Waikiki! Hiking Diamond Head! Batman! Bikinis! Swimmers! At least they had a backup! Gamboa! Gamboa Post Office! The Commissary! El runway!


Leaf cutters! Jadwin! Bubble butt! One more look! That Panama look! Surveys Branch! Mrs. Cardinal! A howling wolf! Burgers! Start me up! Yellow spikes! A road runner! Red and yellow! Pollination! River rocks! Yellow! Two bucks! Yo Quiero Bowling Ball! A wolf candle holder! Cookies! Trading Places! Louis! Billy Ray! Trading Places! A curious cardinal! Through the fence! Landing gear down!! Howling at the moonbat! A Flag of Valor! Independence!


Insert photo here! Mugged! Wooden cups! Purple flowers on sticks! An angry bird! Flaming coals! Yellow bellies! Peanuts! Small birds! Batman! Poor Robin! Noctiva! Shaggy Little White Dog! Alligator attack! Hard to reach! Paw lickin' chicken! Snow angel! The Tesla! Celebrating the grandness! BYBYCO2! 2SX4 GAS! Spotting! A mushroom rock! Anything for the shot! The Cosmo chandelier! Life! A 3D knife! Polaroid Fotobar! A church steeple!


Random rocks! A rocky tree! Rocks galore! Purple mini-flowers! Condos! A tufted plant! An iron giraffe! A fountain girl! U.S.A.! A wispy cactus! A Fredericksburg cross! Sagging flowers! A Texas stone! Red flowers and berries! A picture of pink flowers! Bella Sera! Brew Bonnet! Kalanchoe! Nativity! Beep Beep! Driving peaches! Crazy dogs! Chicken Cacciatore! A new perch! The shake! A damaged cow! All the smells! NBA material! Blue shirt Tobias!


Me! Nala! Under the covers! Chopped onions and peppers! Salmon for silky! Palming! Green eggs! Basketball shoes! Annabelle's bath! Mav's bath! 30 pound hanging feeder! Sit! Frozen turkey! Ready to play! A decorative rooster! A lazy day! Me smiling! A new lunch menu! A new keyboard! Celebrating Thanksgiving! Mom and baby giraffe! New bath powder! Wooden cattle! 16 roses! Yellow! A wine rack! White and purple! A happy squirrel! A fall bouquet! Corn! A scarecrow girl!


A cactus holder! A MAGA rock! Snowman candles! Smokin! Anti Social! A winery lion! Purple flowers! Opa! A potted cactus! At the Pennybacker! At the Driskill! Feeding sheep! Bone Daddy's! Little red cactus flower! Magnolia Cafe! Dad's 80th! Dad's presents! Trattoria Lisina! Sort of chocolate! A weather station! A green fairy! Bando del Giorno! Steel Standing! Briarcliff Marina! Wine and steaks! A Thankgiving turkey! Dicing! Snagged a peanut! Jellied cranberries! Me and Tobias!


Flipping! Indian princesses! HORSE! It's whether you win! Layup! A Tufted Titmouse! Thanksgiving dinner! Washing hens! Tobias in trees! Made it! A carefree squirrel! Swooping in! Pickled beets! Steak is served! Millennium 2000! 30th year! Christmas cookies! A brushy bear! Lounging reindeer! Homestead Trail! A yellow grasshopper! A vibrant flower! Angie! Old Glory! Silent Night! A Christmas Peacock! Sofa posing! Nativity! McKinney Falls! Three-point jumper! Tightrope!

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