Click on any link below to see my Action Photos from the year 2021:


Checking the steak! Driving! A Scrub Jay! Santa Daphne! Soapstone! Nutty or nice! An Italian plate! Dog in the bushes!! McKinney Falls! Snow in Austin! Snowy footprints! An Austin snowman! Accidental selfie! Snowy apartments! Snowy red! Coming down! Ancient video! The McKinney house! Large carp! Waiting! Keep Calm! A gingerbread family! Cheering Tobias! Adidas! Nativity! A ruined mill! Skipping stones! A bird bank! Nap time! Seasoned meats!


Potatoes! How about no? Poinsettias! Santa! Salad! Cotton! Tenderloin! Revitalization! A Pease stream! Pine cones! McKinney Falls! Pumpkin pie! Glasses! A frozen basketball! A frozen bluebonnet! Nala! Silky White! BAT seasonings! Jimi HENdrix! Bon Chicki! Stella! Noctiva! A rooster! Dumbbells! All-purpose putty! Kikkoman! Impopster! Drugged!


Stripped! Tools! Cabinets! Ice maker! The pantry! Camouflaged! Lighting! Sink light! Canless! Tools! Chair thief! LED! Electrical! Sleepy hounds! Sleepy cats! Temp kitchen! Saw! Melissa's tree! Fridge line! Stove piping! Insulated! Light switch cutout! Bats Day in the Fun Park! Ridgid! Ceiling! Retired! Insulated pantry! Strawberry Frosted Donut Oreo! Two lights! Putty tools! Bartok!


Pet station! Drywall complete! USB!

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