Click on any link below to see my Action Photos from the year 2022:


Doggie presents! Feeding time! Warmth! Yellow! Chicken dreams! Tranquil! Candy! Metal fish! A green hill! Ducks! Pink contrails! Green and blue! Beijing beef! Ready! Mira Vista Hills! Waterproof! Lacey oak! Herrera! Locks! Chiriqui III! Jungle! Tugboats! A mule! Pedro Miguel! Sittin' on the lock of the bay! Ohio! Flags! Welcome! New!


A concrete stream! Erosion! Train! Mission statement! Maersk! Sixaola! Short ribs! Peach honey! Veggies! Browning! Cranes! Pilot boats! Deere! Mom gets the shot! A tight squeeze! Mule parking! The locks dam! Titan! Belen Yellow! Passing! Stacked! Next! In the channel! A lonely island! Seagull! Maersk! Adriatic Wave!


Lowering! Cable guys! Photo op! Lowered! Big blades! Ocean Diamond 2! Rust bucket! Ship a helo! Tugboat! Spabunker Uno! DWS Linda! Renaissance! 100! In Balboa! On the move! Bug protection! La Esquina! Seed pods! Pink and yellow! Corned beef! Sausage and peppers! On the plate! Overlook! Two rare birds! Frayed edge! Two creeks! Spring! Post rock! Austin! The Bat Bridge! Oasis!


SLO RIDE! The Kitchen! Vampirella! Game mementos! Batusi TV! Space Force! Plush! A bat piñata! Where it began! 300! From below! Driving! Free throw! Block! Layup! Sprint! In the lead! In the lane! Solo! Plush cow! Low sodium! Chair thief! Lemons! Batty eggs! Elon Musk! Annabelle! Silky! Halibut! Stairs!


Young Tobias! Kohlrabi! Lemon chicken! Roadhouse! No more butter! A stumped chicken! Fenced! No walk! Garlic! Walking! Watermelon! Oreo cheesecake! Safe! Shared! Ribs! Año Nuevo! Key Grip! Self portrait! Comic-Con! Beard! Three! Frankenwerft! Lady in stone! Lips! Cologne! A German church! Speisen! Statues! Hochzeitstages!


Love locks! Tree! St. Pantaleon! Musketeers? Fancy floors! D-Day! More tile! Seven! Practice! Fruit! In memoriam! Sleepy Mav! Stairs! Butterfly! Green lemons! Whoop! We are here! Butterfly! Memorial plant! Closeup orchids! Garlic bread! Sittin' Phat! Lasagna!


Still waving! Dont Tread On Me! 30 stars! Two flags! Blow-dry, please! Clean! On the beach! Pigeon! Canoe! A sand serpent! Snake dance! An old phone! Conquistador! Dangerous beach! A tropical drink! Flowery drinks! Fishing! Chicken tax! Home carrots! Birds! Ready! Thinking! Crowded!


County Line sunset! Free and brave! Water fun! White and pink! Bumblebee! Cactus! River City Grille! Scrub jay! Cardinal! Arrivals and departures! Let's go Brandon! Contour wolf!


The Maid's Quarters! Pumpkins! Fall color! Sweet Arrow Lake! Dead and Breakfast!


Melissa, Jonah, and Tobias! Family! Studebaker! Mini cake! The key! Cupcakes! John O'Hara! A young witch! Bubble girl! Welcome! Gettysburg! Decanter! Schweiger! Napa Valley! Hummingbird! Pumpkins! Flowers! Aging salami! Barrels! Shooting! Brothers! Mom's dance! Tall and narrow! Spanish-American! Let's do this! Mining! Harvest Dance! Peju! Scarecrows!


Rebound! Coffee and tea! A cup of tea! The menu! Painted! Post Office! Turkey! Cranberries! Sweet potatoes! Mashed potatoes! Mac 'n' cheese! Apple pie! Pumpkin pie! Our Christmas tree! A wrapped tree! Bad dog! Really bad dog! Chocolate bombs! Dropping the bomb! Unwrapped! Italian wine press! Pink! Red! Yellow! Christmas! Coffee! Newegg! Me and Tobias! Charcuterie! Cranberry chicken! Christmas dinner!

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