Click on any link below to see my Action Photos from the year 2023:


Breakfast! Lunch! Christmas cat! Sons! Hounds! Vines! Peju! Pink! A barrel! The Chopping Block! Schuylkill Republicans! Welcome! The Princess! R! His and hers! Leaves! Green! Camouflage! Ham hocks? Tiger Country! Tahoe! No copper! Wrapped! Stuffed peppers! Lost a tooth! Fancy food! Walking! JFK! W! Christopher Columbus! Benjamin Franklin!


Philo T. Farnsworth! Coyote! Broken branches! Archery! Video game! Lighting test! He's back! Caught the snake! Blue Bell! Driftwood! A wooden giraffe! Bouquet! Bouquet! Sea birds! Stonehenge! ColossalCon! No cosplay found! Me! Unused! Bright! Scooby-Doo! Unused! Gamora! Creative! Unused! Unused! Unused!


Unused! Pokemon! At the office! Bikinis! Lights! Megara! ColossalCon! ColossalCon! ColossalCon! Asleep on the job! ColossalCon! ColossalCon! ColossalCon! ColossalCon! ColossalCon! Clouds! Batman! The Capitol! Edison? Dr. Norman Borlaug! 19th century! Columns! Three ladies! Washington! FBI! A chandelier! Tyler! Lincoln dining! Austin! Braids! Superman!


Flying! Briarcliff Marina! Frank speech! Deer! Cousins! Closeup! Squinting! Baskets! Easter eggs! Basket birds! Heads down! Perfect form! A deep tub! A big island! Cocktails! Ribs! Turtles! Track! A spiral staircase! Dunk! Bluebonnets! Two players! Welcome to the Lake! A pot of gold? See you soon! A long ladder! Gazebo! 1936! Tub! 410!


Vaqueros! Staged! Taylor Morrison! Peanuts! Lighthouse weather! Rocky! Faded rules! Vixen! Mav! Catch! At the dog park! Chased! Annabelle! Pounce! Collision! Run! Mongolian Beef! Lemon chicken! Ready for burgers! Rebound!


Watching the game! Lay-up! Three! Rebound! Huddle! Pass! Working! Sprint! Wrestling! Dog park bliss! Vixen! Mav joins in! Bruno! Dirty paws! Crazy dog! Treats! Dead! Don't sniff me! Chased! ..and chased! Ball! Fetch! Run!


Markley Creek! Reading RAM! Waiting! Still a thief! Pecan oil! Smile! Steaks! Done! Cheesy beans!


Trimmed! Dragonfly! A chicken family! Bartok! Bartok! A bird feeder! Chicken flowers! Sprouts! Hilary! Pacific Sunrise! Zucchini!


Yellow and red! Red cabbage! Figs! Red! Hummingbird! Mommy's Little Monster! Yellow flowers! Fresh radishes! Better Homes and Huskies! A batty pumpkin!


Mums! A zucchini flower! Peas! Green lemons! A birthday bouquet! Pumpkins! Beauty Berries! Bat City Blend! A colorful spinner! A white flower! Salty spooks! No money, please! A Texas star! A butterfly! Armadillo! A frog sculpture! Pollination! Open! Ugly pumpkins! Purple! Hydroponics! A bat medallion! Jack o'lanterns!


Cactus attack! Seed pod! A lily pond! Red and spiky! Sunflowers! A buck! Runaway Scrape Oak! Red and yellow! Bobcat! Wild Shrimp Plant! Spooky BBQ! Green beans! Tomatoes! Harvest! Rooster! Zucchini muffins! Happy Thanksgiving! Turkey! Mashed potatoes! Stuffing! Turkey! Jump! Free throw!


Christmas tree! Ginger trees! Baked! Decorated! Lemon meringue! Whipped cream! Toasted! Ready! Christmas dogs! Bats! Henfluence! Mouse pad! Christmas lasagna!

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