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Count Batula's 2003 Halloween Candy Spooktacular at TimeGate Studios:

For the last few years I've been throwing a candy-filled bash at TimeGate Studios, the company where I work. This year went very well, there is still tons of candy left, should last a couple weeks I think even with all our new employees. Tried several new things this year, most notably homemade bat brownies and gingerbread bats! The brownies went the first, then the gingerbread bats, there is such a massive amount of candy that there is still plenty of everything, so it looks like Count Batula did well.

Here are some photos of the production and the final event:
Bat cookie cutters!Cutting out the brownies!
Decorated brownies!
Decorated cookies!The cookies and brownies on display!Bat brownies!
Gingerbread bats!Gingerbread bats!The candy on display!The Batmobile!
Red!A hungry pumpkin!Toxic Waste!

Green!Red!A jack-o-lantern candy holder!A real dead bat!