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Right off The BAT:

November 27, 2009: I just picked up my 2009 Christmas tree which I have christened "George Junior" in honor of my first Christmas George from last year. Several people have asked me why I name my Christmas trees George, the reason is they are Noble Firs, I mistakenly thought the founder of the Nobel Prize was named George Nobel, so I started calling my trees George. Imagine my embarrassment when I later discovered his name was actually Alfred! Oh well.

November 9, 2009: Just got back from my first trip ever to Yosemite National Park in Northern California. Look for pictures in the Action Photos section!

August 30, 2009: I'm back from Cologne, Germany after checking out the Gamescom 2009 conference! Be sure to take a look at my photo essay from the trip as well as upcoming Action Photos from Germany!

July 3, 2009: I will be attending the first-ever GamesCom video game convention in the city of Cologne, Germany from August 20-23, 2009! Should be fun, definitely taking my cameras!

June 9, 2009: My E3 2009 report and photo essay is now available!

June 4, 2009: I just returned from the 2009 E3 video game show in Los Angeles, California! It was fun, they went back to the classic E3 format, which is loud and crowded with tons of new games and the ubiquitous "booth babes" that call attention to companies' products. Be sure to check the Action Photos section for pictures from the show!

April 3, 2009: Just got back from a trip to fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada! It was fun, stayed at the Luxor, saw Blue Man Group, the Tournament of Kings, Bite!, and Zumanity, enjoyed them all to some extent. Also saw most of the hotels, including the Bellagio, Venetian, Wynn, and the new Encore which were all really nice and elegant. Even won a little money gambling! Be sure to check the Action Photos section for lots of Vegas pictures!

July 2, 2008: I closed on my house in the town of Oakley, California today! It's way more house than I really hoped to get in the Bay Area, prices have come down a shocking amount because of the mortgage/foreclosure fiasco, so instead of being able to afford a one-bedroom condo, I got a four-bedroom brand new luxury house! The bad part is the one-hour commute but I hope to address that by buying a 100% electric car next year.

April 27, 2008: Since I've been running out of good Action Photos and my site has been accused of being a real estate showcase, I went on a San Francisco Bay cruise on the World War 2 Liberty Ship Jeremiah O'Brien. It was fun, I always forget how cold the Bay is, the high was supposedly in the 80s but if you're not standing directly in the sun the wind makes it feel much, much colder than that.

January 3, 2008: I am back from vacation in Austin, Texas and so the Action Photos section is working and getting updates again! Got lots of good pictures in Austin and briefly Ft. Worth, Texas that I'll be running over the next few weeks. I still need fresh ideas for the Bay Area, though. Anyway, Austin was nice, there is so much building going on with new houses and malls going up everywhere, and the houses are at unbelievably low prices compared to Silicon Valley.

December 2, 2007: A new "Final Cut" of  the classic science fiction movie "Blade Runner" is in theaters right now, I went to see it at the Camera Theaters in Campbell, California today. It was nicely done, they edited out and patched up some of the minor mistakes in the film and the new print looks great. I hated Blade Runner when it came out because it was not what I expected, but I like that movie more each time I see it, Philip K. Dick wrote about issues that wouldn't even exist for a hundred years after he wrote about them, that is some pretty impressive vision.

November 8, 2007: So after last year's non-event with, I switched to who apparently accepts everybody, including me. My first impression is pretty negative, I'm surprised at how few of the women are actually serious about meeting people through the service. Most of them don't even respond when contacted, even though Match has a "thanks but no thanks" easy-out button. Dead silence is kind of hard to interpret, but it's not good, that's for sure.

October 7, 2007: It's Fleet Week in San Francisco, the big naval/air show. I went and picked up a few weeks worth of Action Photos. My poor feet are suffering with massive blisters after walking around the port for five hours though, they have gotten unaccustomed to long walks, guess I need to start hiking more!

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