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These are some pictures of my cat, Bartok, adopted on June 23, 1998 from the Town Lake Animal Center in Austin, Texas. The vet says he's an "American Shorthair", but he looks like a little black panther to me. So far, I've found him to be friendly and appreciative, but also very aloof and independent, very much like a typical cat. He's not really a lap-cat, preferring to rest on a hard surface a few feet away and keep an eye on me from there.

Bartok died from complications of kidney failure on January 7, 2013.

Town Lake Animal CenterBartok in his cage at the shelterBartok hidden in boxBartok in boxBartok inspecting doorknobBartok on bathroom counter
Bartok strikes a pose!Bartok inspecting bat houseBartok on refrigerator eyeing tiger magnetBartok on top shelf
Bartok looking out window