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Today's Action Photo is a picture of the Balboa Union Church, still looking good after 18 years! This was a landmark in the town of Balboa, Panama, I probably walked past it a thousand times on my way home from school when I was growing up here in the mid eighties.

Yesterday's Action Photo


File: CRW_6913.CRW
File size: 3,515KB
Image Serial Number: 269-6913
Camera Model: Canon EOS D30
Firmware: Firmware Version 1.02
Date/Time: 2004:08:13 12:59:40
Shutter speed: 1/750 sec
Aperture: 8.0
Exposure mode: Av
Exposure compensation: +1/2
Flash: Off
Metering mode: Evaluative
Drive mode: Continuous frame: 1
ISO: 400
Lens: 17.0 to 40.0 mm
Focal length: 28.0mm
Subject distance: 6.0 m
AF mode: One-shot AF
Image size: 2160 x 1440
Image quality: Raw
White balance: Auto
Saturation: Normal
Sharpness: Normal
Contrast: Normal
Custom Functions:
CFn 1: Long exposure noise reduction: ON
CFn 2: Shutter release: AE lock; AE button: AE + AF
CFn 5: AF-assist beam/Flash firing: Does not emit/Fires
CFn 10: Auto reduction of fill flash: Disabled
CFn 12: SET button function when shooting: Change ISO speed

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