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Today's Action Photo is a picture of my new Cat Genie freshly set up in my laundry room! This is an amazing cat waste disposal system that scoops, washes, flushes, dries, and even smoothes the cat litter for the next use!

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Centex Homes!

File: IMG_6673.CR2
File size: 7,865KB
Camera Model: Canon EOS 20D
Firmware: Firmware 1.0.4
Owner: Brent Allen Thale
Date/Time: 2008:07:23 23:17:36
Shutter speed: 1 sec
Aperture: 14
Exposure mode: Av
Flash: Off
Metering mode: Evaluative
Drive mode: Single frame shooting
Self-timer: 10 secs
ISO: 200
Lens: 17 to 40mm
Focal length: 17mm
AF mode: One-shot AF
Image size: 3504 x 2336
Image quality: Raw
White balance: Auto
Sharpness level: 0
Custom Functions:
CFn 8: ISO expansion: On
CFn 13: AF point selection: Multi-controller direct

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