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Click here for info on me and my site!This is my personal BAT logo, dressed up with a 'plastic wrap' PhotoShop filter to make him look nice on the Web. Click on the BAT for lots of personal information about me.


This is the logo of Bat Conservation International, the world's leading bat-related conservation organization. The logo design itself is the Chinese symbol WU-FU, in which five bats representing health, wealth, long life, good luck, and happiness circle the Tree of Life.


Click here for a Bracken Cave photo documentary!As a longtime bat enthusiast and member of Bat Conservation International, I was able to go along on the July 18, 1998 BCI-sponsored trip to Bracken Cave outside of San Antonio, Texas, the home of the world's largest bat colony! Click on the thumbnail for my detailed photo essay!


Meet Batfink, the world's greatest cartoon character! There were one hundred episodes of the Batfink series made in the late 1960s, and they're available on video on the official Batfink Web Site.
Cool Batfink catch phrases:
"Your bullets cannot harm me, my wings are like a shield of steel!"
"My supersonic sonar-radar will find him!"
"If I go, you go, Hugo Agogo!"


On June 12, 1998, Austin was presented with a new bat sculpture! Designed by artist Dale Whistler, the sculpture is on a little traffic island at the intersection of Congress Avenue and Barton Springs Road just south of the world-famous Congress Avenue Bat Bridge! Click here for a detailed photo essay documenting the sculpture's construction!


The Congress Avenue Bridge in downtown Austin, Texas, is the home of the world's largest urban bat colony, sometimes housing as many as 1.5 million bats!


The Chiroptorium is an artificial bat cave being built in Blanco County west of Austin, Texas. Constructed out of rocklike material covering a steel bar frame, it has been designed to hold thousands of bats in luxury and comfort with a built-in window for safe and convenient bat viewing!